In defence of Israel

Marijuana law reform

On the labour market

What will happen with the Euro?

Australian internet censorship

Why I am opposed to an Australian Bill of Rights

PageRank in academic publishing

To Kyoto or not to Kyoto

To vote or not to vote

Censorship and sensibility

What to do, what to do

Scientific communication in the 21st century

Reminiscences from a PhD

Efficient scientific communication

Many worlds and the interpretation of quantum mechanics

China, the next world superpower?

From one totalitarianism to the next

Intelligent design and its not-so-intelligent proponents

The case for the full sale of Telstra

The case for industrial relations reform

The ins and outs of quantum cryptography

The case for a national sales tax

The case for voluntary student unionism

The future of the US economy

So what is it that I do? Part 1 – Quantum mechanics; Part 2 – Quantum computing; Part 3 – Linear optics quantum computing


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